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Mini 2 Production firmware detects the wrong toolhead
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With the current firmware being loading on Mini 2s in production, Cura LE is saying that it has the wrong toolhead. I believe this is because the current firmware was from before we changed the names of the toolheads in Cura and the Mini 2 never got updated.

There is a ticket to update the firmware but it iis currently being held up and this is an issue that could affect our customers.

Here is the link to the change order, T8472.

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oliver created this task.Jul 31 2019, 8:37 AM
oliver triaged this task as High priority.

@oliver What version of the firmware are you currently flashing?

@oliver The current version of Cura LE flashes, and will explain why you are getting the error. This not only checks tool head names, but firmware versions. Once the CO is complete you will stop getting this error (I have also updated the CO with the proper firmware version)

I am going to remove marlin and cura LE from the project tags as they are functioning properly.

@karrad I think this is still an issue for Cura. Since we are flashing with an older firmware that no longer shares the name with the toolhead, it is going to wipe away any calibration data that we have done and affect the customers first print. Even if we get the firmware updated in the CO, there is still going to be a lot of Mini 2s out there that will have an older firmware that registers as a improper toolhead.

@oliver When the customer connects to Cura LE, it will prompt them that they have the wrong printer connected and ask them to update firmware. When updating, it also prompts them to write down Z offset and E steps to re-enter at a later date.

The "Wrong Tool Head" vs "New Firmware Available" are both alleviated by updating the firmware through Cura LE.

Also FWIW the FW for Mini 2 was added to Cura LE on the stable release of 2/20/19 and we have not had reports of confusion/problems from customers in the field.

@oliver Just to test, will you flash a Mini 2 with and see if there is an error thrown?

There is no other error shown and it will update except that I seem to need to change the z offset anyways because later firmware seem to be handling something differently.

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