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not wiping deep enough
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My unit seems to barely skim the top of the wiper pad, @MikeR had a machine that wasn't really touching at all.

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logan created this task.Wed, Jul 31, 3:46 PM
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adam added a subscriber: adam.Thu, Aug 1, 8:12 AM

Would this be caused by tolerance stack? I'm hesitant to update this in the firmware before we move to double-dipped pads and new wiper mounts.

logan added a comment.Thu, Aug 1, 8:33 AM

Idk. Might be wiper pad related itself, I feel like the DDABS pads sit a little more proud in the mount than the doubled over piece of scotch brite.

logan added a comment.Thu, Aug 1, 11:57 AM

My unit isnt even touching the wiper pad now

logan added a comment.Mon, Aug 5, 2:11 PM

Switched to the new wiper mount and double dipped ABS pads and this issue is not present