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Recommendations for profile editing
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Here are some recommendations from a user on ticket 209843:

Print profiles should be independent of the materials they were created from.

Currently, importing print profiles will automatically put them under certain materials, even when other materials are selected & active.

(video on the email ticket going over adding a profile in Cura)

This is a big inconvenience for users that want to use a library of custom materials. Profiles should be independent of the materials and should automatically inherit the properties of the materials that they are inserted under.

Solution: Remove anything that intrinsically links a profile to a specific material by default. The only “link” should be dependent on the material that the profile is saved under in the [Preferences -> Configure Cura] menu. Inserting a profile when Material B is selected should not automatically put it under Material A.

Duplicating a custom material will instantly crash cura with no error message.
If I attempt to duplicate a custom material on Cura LulzBot Edition – 3.6.18, the program will instantly crash. Duplicating a pre-existing (default) material works fine but duplicating a custom material will crash the program. This will occur even with administrator access, so it is likely not a “write access” issue.

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We attempted something similar early on in the merge from Cura Legacy. The issue when setting up profiles like this, it will lead to a super long list where selecting a "quality" setting will show each and every profile for every material. For example the TAZ 6 with standard extruder currently has over 117 profiles, making all profiles available without the material classification would require customers to scroll through all of these making them unrealistic.

The way the profiles are generated is it saves "changes" (metadata) based upon a specific material and profile. Essentially it loads that material and profile and only changes what is saved in the exported profile. We need this to be associated with that material and profile as it loads all of the base settings.

@nathan As for the duplication error, please try to get more information from the customer. I had attempted to duplicate on my local machine, and had no issue duplicating custom materials:

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