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PP-MP0279 drawing needs updated
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missing callout on m2 screw for endstop switch
missing depth of counterbore for upper bearing holder screw holes

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tutley created this task.Wed, Aug 7, 9:27 AM
tutley added a comment.Wed, Aug 7, 9:29 AM

@oliver when you installed the m2x8SHCS into the endstop switch, it looked like that screw threaded fine into the hole, but they were never tapped since it wasnt called out on the drawing. Did you have to force the screw?

im assuming the hole was small enough that when you installed the screw it cut threads into the hole and it wont fall out. can you take a look at the assembled syringe pump we did yesterday and pull that M2 screw out of the motor mount to see if there are any threads there or if the screw can fall out?

@tutley It seems like the screws were able to cut threads into the metal. They were a little tough to go in but it seems like the limit switch will be fine like this for doing alphas.

@oliver sounds good! thanks for checking that out