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Bed Cable Chain coming loose
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Customer has seen that the Y-axis belt chain keeps popping out. It has happened a few times already. Ticket number 209640

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nathan created this task.Wed, Aug 7, 2:26 PM
west added a subscriber: west.EditedWed, Aug 7, 2:42 PM

Can you add more detail as to what is happening?

tutley added a subscriber: tutley.Wed, Aug 7, 2:46 PM

is it popping out on the frame side of the chain? on the pivot mount?

matth added a subscriber: matth.Wed, Aug 7, 2:53 PM

It's happened once before, probably from moving the printer. However, this occurred during printing during the past 24 hours or so. I popped it back in and is currently printing fine.

west added a comment.Thu, Aug 8, 7:17 AM

@matth are you able to pull the slack out on the control box side?

@west There was some slack, and all I did was move it over a bit. There's nothing to keep it from slacking back though

west added a comment.Mon, Aug 12, 11:51 AM

Did pulling the slack out help though?

So far, yes