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Pogo pin lifespan
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The male pogo pins we are looking at using have up to 1,000,000 cycles

Current rating: 2A (continous), 3A (peak) per contact

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It says up to, so does that mean it is normally less than that?
Going off 1,000,000 cycles, a print that is the full z build height with a .5 nozzle will likely have layers somewhere between .1mm and .35mm
if .1 then that is 4500 layers, meaning you could print this 222 times before the tool head needs a new pogo pin board
if .35 that is 1285 layers, meanig you could print this 778 times before needing a new pogo pin board

if using a .25 nozzle the layer height could be as low as 0.05mm meaning the full z height print would have 9000 layers. This print could be printed 111 times before needing a new pogo pin board

@mjpelletier you mentioned at the start of quiver that the SD card fingers would work well and have a long lifespan

Not SD Card fingers but fingers that can be mounted on one circuit board. They would press against pads on another circuit board. The spec sheet for AVX 9155-000 series states only 5000 mechanical cycles. If you anticipate changing the print head many times during a print, a connector with 1M cycles would be more appropriate.