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Pro tool head part
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Hi guys,

We noticed that our newest delivery of back plates (PP-MP0229), for Taz Pro tool heads, do not look the same as our previous back plates. The old back plates that we have had have a shiny finish on them and the newest delivery of back plates that we got have a mate look and are not shiny at all. Is this something we should be concerned with?

-Michael M.

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MichaelM created this task.Aug 13 2019, 4:40 PM

I believe the last shipment came from Quattro, which have a less cosmetically appealing appearance than the ones we get from PMM. They should be fine functionally.

@MichaelM I also know this part is in progress for a change order as well. T7594. Will follow up on what is going on with the status of these.

@tutley these should be okay to use correct?

@DaniAO last time we got some from top plates from quattro that were kind of matte i believe they were sent back to be reworked. Mechanically all the tool head parts will be fine whether they are matte or have a shiny finish. I personally think they should be fine cosmetically also, but i dont think this is up to me. The back plate is not really visible when the tool head is fully assembled so i think these should be good to use

@tutley thank you! I feel that these should be good to use then if it doesn't effect anything cosmetically. @david.hall your thoughts?

kent closed this task as Resolved.EditedAug 15 2019, 1:16 PM

In this case I don't see any grounds to reject them.

@kent there is a surface finish callout in the title block