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Kangaroo Parts stock left over from alpha builds
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A rough count of the inventory that I currently have stashed here in MER.

Part # - description - (Quantity have/Quantity required)
EL-MT0063 - Nema 11 motor (10/10) *with associated motor wires
PP-MP0251 - KHK SW0 5 R2 worm gear (9/10)
PP-MP0253 - KHK BG0 5 30 R2 worm gear (11/10)
HD-BU0050 - 6mm sleeve bushing (14/10)
HD-NT00359 - leadscrew nut, standard, inch flanged - (10/10)
HD-RD0076 - 99mm leadscrew (milled) - (10/10)
HD-RD0077 - 90mm smooth rod (milled) - (11/10)
?? - M2.5x14mm SHCS black oxide (65/30)
TL-HD0572 - M2x8mm SHCS black oxide (>50/20)
HD-BT0244 - M2x6mm FHCS black oxide (25/40)

PP-FP0183 - polycarb, laser cut screen cover - (7/10)
?? - SD reader board - (10/10)
EL-MS0559 - 4.3" touchscreen - (3/10) *already ordered
PP-FP0174 - laser cut hips cover - (0/10) *Some up in product planning with more on the way

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@oliver I will put int a PR for the following:

PP-MP0252 - KHK SW0 5 R2 worm gear (9/10)
HD-BT0244 - M2x6mm FHCS black oxide (25/40)

I have : PP-FP0183 - polycarb, laser cut screen cover- I have at least 10 of these
PP-FP0174 - laser cut hips cover - I have 8 white and a few black with more white on the way.
EL-MS0559 - 4.3" touchscreen - (3/10) *already ordered- PR put in for this

As mentioned please also check to see that we have a least enough sheet metal for 10 printers.

I have syringes and needles to test along with some more alginate on the way.

@Steven @tutley is there anything you see that we need (we have the Mini 2 stuff, just the KaPa specifics for now).

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