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Difficulty running .EXE Cura 3.6.18
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Cura LE Version: 3.6.18

Operating System: Windows

Printer: N/A

Tool Head: N/A

Description of issue: We have had 2 customer today who when they tried to run the Cura.exe file from our website they got an opening file for writing error. In both instances we had them try clearing their cache and downloading a fresh instances of the .exe to see if something had gone wrong in the download process in both customers they still received the error. I only spoke with one of these two customers personally and I had her send in a screenshot of the error in case it would be of any use. Since she cleared the cache there isn't a current log for me to get from customer unfortunately. I did get a log from them before they tried clearing cache and reinstalling Cura so I have included that log in case it has any helpful information.
(Initial issue that log was sent in for was Cura crashing at start up.)

Steps to reproduce: Both customers who have experienced this difficulty so far have been on Windows OS but aside from that out steps to reproduce are pretty minimal it seems to happen anytime someone does a fresh install of Cura on Windows.

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Galadriel updated the task description. (Show Details)Fri, Aug 23, 3:53 PM

@Galadriel can you please get details on the version on Windows they are using?

@Yahuba have you seen this on any versions of Windows?

I have never seen this during testing. I just tried downloading the installer from and was able to install and start the software with no issues on my Windows 10 system. I am currently running Win 10 Pro version 1809 (OS Build 17763.678).

Did the customer provide any information of what version/build of windows they are running? Would also help to know if they have run all Windows updates and made sure drivers were all up to date on their machine.