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syringe pump motor worm gear spacer
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This ticket is for the pump motor gear spacing.

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oliver created this task.Mon, Aug 26, 10:38 AM
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logan assigned this task to oliver.Tue, Sep 10, 1:44 PM
logan added subscribers: Steven, logan.

Has the spacer been tested and verified? If so, please move this to the review column and assign to @Steven so that this gets merged to master. Thanks

logan renamed this task from Jig for the pump motor gear spacing to syringe pump motor worm gear spacer.Tue, Sep 10, 1:55 PM
oliver added a subscriber: tutley.Tue, Sep 10, 1:57 PM

@tutley Have you noticed any issues with the worm gears on the pumps with the alphas? If you have not, then I'm gonna go ahead and confirm the spacing as good.

oliver moved this task from Alpha to Needs Review on the kangaroo-paw board.Tue, Sep 10, 2:00 PM
oliver reassigned this task from oliver to Steven.

I didn't notice any issues with drag from the current spacing of the worm gears so i am going to go ahead and pass this on to @Steven for now and we can return to this if we get an issue.

Ready to be merged to master.

I have not noticed any issues. I think we will want to add some form of lubricant to these gears for beta/production units as these gears sometimes squeek on retractions

logan added a comment.Tue, Sep 10, 2:50 PM

@tutley I was going to ask about that actually. What would you think about using an aerosol white lithium?

The worm gear is carbon steel and the worm wheel is bronze. Lithuim grease should be fine for these gears!

Steven reassigned this task from Steven to logan.Fri, Sep 13, 11:01 AM

This is now merged into master. @logan assigning this to you to continue tracking the lithium grease. Can you please close this if that works well?

@Steven Will do, thanks!