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Blank usb screen
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This is with firmware .149, using a usb drive and not hooked up via usb.

My usb stick has 2 pages of files currently, so unsure if this can be reproduce with just 1 or more than 2 pages. Or could just be my particular usb stick.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. power on machine
  1. start a print like normal, hit usb -> select gcode
  1. after about a minute or two, hit menu and stop print
  1. after it's done stopping the print, hit the usb menu. The first screen of files will not show up, but hitting the arrow to get to the next page will display correctly. Backing out and going back into the usb menu will still only display the second screen.

Power cycling fixes the issue. This only seems to occur after stopping a print and then trying to start a new one. Haven't been able to test if this occurs after finishing a print and then trying to start a next one.

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