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custom motor standoffs
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E3D has custom motor standoffs. The claim was "We could not find any off the shelf stand-offs that allowed us to position the belt paths as required. These custom machined version were also price comparative to off the shelf components." Ithe lengths are 34mm and 21.5mm. I found standoffs from mcmaster that are 35mm and 22mm or 21mm. It looks like the pulley spacing on the motor is the same between the two motors. Could we get them cheaper from mcmaster and space the pulleys differently?

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west created this task.Thu, Sep 5, 4:08 PM
samantha added a subscriber: adam.Tue, Sep 10, 3:03 PM

not a motor standoff, but MS-SOFF-M3-FF-24L could easily be replaced with @ 1.29ea. that part is hex instead of round, but its just the spacer between the x belt plates. This only effects visuals and could be resolved with T10006

The pulley stand-offs seem reasonable to leave as the E3D custom designs

@adam could we get pricing from E3D for MS-MOTOR-SPACE-LONG, MS-MOTOR-SPACE-SHORT, and MS-SOFF-M3-FF-24L so we can compare?