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z rail needs to be parallel to extrusion and lead screw
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We need to find a way to align the z rail so that it is parallel to the extrusion and also the z lead

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west created this task.Mon, Sep 9, 11:59 AM
west added a comment.Tue, Sep 10, 10:26 AM

For the z rail, we could get a spacer machined. The width would be 8mm -0.x with a couple holes around 4.1-4.2mm dia at maybe 100mm length. This should help align the z rail to the slot in the extrusion. for the drive rod and motor, we could slot the motor mount and run the nut mount down to get the proper spacing and fasten it

west added a comment.Tue, Sep 10, 12:50 PM

It looks like t slots has an off the shelf nut that aligns. I think this is the correct nut for the 60x30

west added a comment.Wed, Sep 11, 4:20 PM

Our contact at In position confirmed that those are the correct nuts, we will want to get some on order for the initial prototype