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Sep 4 2019

Grant added a comment to T8195: Determine Tool Kit for Kangaroo Paw.

Dani - I like the Amazon 6 pack you sent over

Sep 4 2019, 10:24 AM · kangaroo-paw

Aug 27 2019

Grant added a comment to T8195: Determine Tool Kit for Kangaroo Paw.

For Alphas this is fine for Betas we should look to replace the Urine cup.

Aug 27 2019, 4:33 PM · kangaroo-paw

Jun 20 2019

Aleksandr Balezin <> committed rCPae4da68cce03: Grammar fix (GH-9318) (authored by Grant).
Grammar fix (GH-9318)
Jun 20 2019, 8:02 AM

Jun 19 2019

Grant added a comment to T8065: Contract Manufacturing OHAI request.

Just quickly a few thoughts on why we need to document. Repeatable performance on all manufacturing requires documentation, instructions, training and review/inspection. If we are to build one part 25 times for a customer - how do we assure that the part is exactly the same (or with in pre-agreed tolerances) each time? How do we assure that the surface quality meets the needs of the customer? How do we assure the individual piece part meets the tolerances agreed to? What post processing are being employed and how do we assure they meet the needs required? What is clusters current process for assuring part quality and repeatability? What materials being utilized for the part will require different process parameters. Documenting these things ahead of time will assure a successful venture as we move forward. We need to assure we quote, manufacture, inspect, box and ship properly. We can accomplish thru the OHAI process or we can have a document we develop for training.

Jun 19 2019, 3:26 PM · Assembly Instruction Content Request

Apr 24 2019

Grant added a comment to T6712: Redgum Final Concept Review.

I think Eric brought up a valid point yesterday, so, once unused wiper pad is removed, I approve.

Apr 24 2019, 1:52 PM · Redgum

Dec 19 2018

Grant added a comment to T4931: Alpha User Testing Feedback.

User Testing Feedback -Quiver Alphas
Name: Grant R Flaharty
Printer Serial Number:
Read through this document before starting the process. Follow the steps below and record your response as needed.
Step One: Power on machine, and watch for the following:
-Is there a boot up animation? No animation
-Record the start up time : 12 seconds from power on

Dec 19 2018, 2:31 PM · Quiver