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Mon, May 20

hanna reassigned T5262: Cura Freezing up from hanna to karrad.

Unable to reproduce with the new firmware. Using Cura version 3.6.10 and Firmware from the Marlin_TAZPro_DualExtruder_2.0.0.123_e7581009d file, I did the same thing, aborted print through Cura window and then tried to send another print and it went through just fine.

Mon, May 20, 12:46 PM · Cura LulzBot Edition

Fri, May 17

hanna added a comment to T5010: Cura crashing when multiplying objects.

This just happened to me on Shearwater Workstation. I had a build of Cura up from yesterday and was changing profile settings. I already had a (benchy) model loaded in from yesterday and today I tried to multiply it by 4 and Cura crashed. Last few lines of Terminal:

Fri, May 17, 9:47 AM · Cura LulzBot Edition

Thu, May 16

hanna added a comment to T2667: Approve SDS.

This material has been approved. See SDS Checklist IC3D Nylon.ods in

Thu, May 16, 2:22 PM · Polyamides

Wed, May 15

hanna added a comment to T2696: Approve SDS.

Missing information in Section 3 about Composition of Ingredients with no statement about claiming the information as a trade secret.

Wed, May 15, 11:34 AM · Polyamides

Tue, May 14

hanna created T7296: Cura Crashing when Launching from Terminal.
Tue, May 14, 4:02 PM · Cura LulzBot Edition