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Authored by andzn <andrei.zene@outlook.com> on Thu, Jun 13, 4:10 AM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP021e576250ab: Merge 555f0e15bcdd0447bb43df8442d24e6ff368cf7f into… (authored by andzn <andrei.zene@outlook.com>).Thu, Jun 13, 4:10 AM

Merged Changes

555f0e15bcddAndrei Zene
Fix linux & doc build 
Jun 10
185db02262aeAndrei Zene
Added News file 
Jun 10
c19f865b8747Andrei Zene
Move new FD_SET macro definition under defined(MS_WINDOWS) 
Jun 10
c2e6ef03b4faAndrei Zene
Dynamically allocate select fd_sets on Windows based on inputs list size 
Jun 10
b1ea11140af3Andrei Zene
Raise FD_SETSIZE limit to 16384 
Jun 5