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Authored by Emmanuel Arias <emmanuelarias30@gmail.com> on Wed, Sep 11, 8:10 PM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP21d00094d0f3: Merge f385c404b6398be22931d5abac2f0b895194384e into… (authored by Emmanuel Arias <emmanuelarias30@gmail.com>).Wed, Sep 11, 8:10 PM

Merged Changes

Remove `import patch` from example 
Sep 11
95b012e7bacaEmmanuel Arias
Add @berkerpeksag comments 
Jan 10
0d9f5aac8d74Emmanuel Arias
improve doc with @berkerpeksag comments 
Jan 9
e3f2916dbbefEmmanuel Arias
Fix error on the doc example 
Jan 7
27ba52bc4412Emmanuel Arias
fix lazzy issue 
Jan 7
67fae2566e23Emmanuel Arias
Fix comments @tirkarthi 
Jan 7
0a930a8abf16Emmanuel Arias
Fix trailing whitespace 
Jan 7
Add samples on patch.dict of the use of decorator and in class 
Jan 7