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Authored by Charles Leifer <coleifer@gmail.com> on Thu, May 16, 11:13 AM.
This commit has been deleted in the repository: it is no longer reachable from any branch, tag, or ref.

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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP2746bb678b95: Merge 6667caa2903b7c531d1846f9db6e19a20432b913 into… (authored by Charles Leifer <coleifer@gmail.com>).Thu, May 16, 11:13 AM

Merged Changes

6667caa2903bCharles Leifer
Fix version-check for sqlite3_stmt_readonly availability. 
May 11
3ab2ba86f554Charles Leifer
Move DML detection tests into transactions test module. 
May 10
8b1cceda1f92Charles Leifer
Ensure all non-DML statements that write are covered. 
May 9
cc49a97449adBerker Peksag
cosmetic fixes 
May 9
afb7b6cb3e09Berker Peksag/GitHub
Fix rest markup 
May 9
d54ce97f34d2Charles Leifer
Address review comments, additional regression test. 
May 9
56dc71bf7164Charles Leifer
Add news item. 
May 9
aa42615e137dCharles Leifer
Skip dml detection + sql comment for old sqlite. 
May 8
c51aab0baa23Charles Leifer
Use sqlite3_stmt_readonly API to determine is statement is DML. 
May 8