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Authored by Géry Ogam <gery.ogam@gmail.com> on Sat, Mar 16, 12:34 AM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP370f448349f6: Merge 1f63f5ba11e0012106f58db78c7f737455514c86 into… (authored by Géry Ogam <gery.ogam@gmail.com>).Sat, Mar 16, 12:34 AM

Merged Changes

1f63f5ba11e0Géry Ogam/GitHub
Add information on the loader_state and has_location attributes 
Dec 2 2018
859ff69b0dcaGéry Ogam/GitHub
Document the read-only property for spec.parent 
Nov 26 2018
9a8d8e6614f8Géry Ogam/GitHub
Fix and improve wording 
Nov 26 2018
11ed1366120cGéry Ogam/GitHub
Correct a typo 
Oct 21 2018
71137668b8dcGéry Ogam/GitHub
Update the description of the `submodule_search_locations` and `cached`… 
Oct 21 2018
611e6b520955Géry Ogam/GitHub
Correct the description of ModuleSpec attributes 
Oct 20 2018