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Authored by Neil Schemenauer <nas-github@arctrix.com> on Sat, Nov 9, 7:17 AM.
This commit has been deleted in the repository: it is no longer reachable from any branch, tag, or ref.

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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP6b4d21ecc435: Merge 1e8297a976087216abb579340bae3398ec9762ed into… (authored by Neil Schemenauer <nas-github@arctrix.com>).Sat, Nov 9, 7:17 AM

Merged Changes

1e8297a97608Neil Schemenauer
Remove if, assert() is sufficient. 
Jul 3
b33d6364f49cNeil Schemenauer
Exploit current hardware physical address bits 
Jul 2
c52c61073e10Neil Schemenauer
change arena_next overflow check to an assert 
Jul 2
b81434205a34Neil Schemenauer
handle overflow of arena_base_next 
Jul 1
257ba989bf79Neil Schemenauer
Improve comment about size of ARENA_BITS. 
Jun 30
3a69fa695f02Neil Schemenauer
Add News entry. 
Jun 29
b868f2113448Neil Schemenauer
Add radix tree implementation for obmalloc address_in_range(). 
Jun 29