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Authored by Tal Einat <taleinat+github@gmail.com> on Wed, Aug 14, 1:19 PM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP87b8925f2d8b: Merge 6e4c73cf1d04d6ff6f370a74ca2fe91452b95f43 into… (authored by Tal Einat <taleinat+github@gmail.com>).Wed, Aug 14, 1:19 PM

Merged Changes

6e4c73cf1d04Tal Einat
add entries to NEWS and What's New 
Aug 13
93c5bc583f33Tal Einat
update idle.rst 
Aug 13
1903c564899cTal Einat
make the internal write() function a staticmethod 
Aug 13
04b8aba602e8Tal Einat
avoid unnecessary re-writes with controls chars at start or end 
Aug 12
017bf8a48298Tal Einat
minor code cleanup 
Aug 12
4dde76e0794dTal Einat
major optimization: return "cursor_back" rather than "cursor" 
Aug 12
1d32615725f1Tal Einat
another test and important edge-case fix 
Aug 12
11357617ae23Tal Einat
some tests and a couple of small fixes 
Aug 11
3cbd2fd5d758Tal Einat
implemented handling of output cursor 
Aug 11
83e41cf0cfa4Tal Einat
just move the cursor rather than truncate the line 
Aug 11
b611193e0f56Tal Einat
improved, clarified, plus fixes 
Aug 11
ebf51d0d9fffTal Einat
first working version of control char handling in shell 
Aug 11
443db0199749Tal Einat
optimize PyShell.write() 
Aug 11