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Authored by Bo Bayles <bbayles@gmail.com> on Thu, May 16, 11:13 AM.
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Merged Changes

6bd5a4425d3cBo Bayles
Fix docs warning 
Jan 28 2018
f8856aab66d1Bo Bayles
Simplify sentence in docs 
Jan 28 2018
04f767f70193Bo Bayles
Update news too 
Jan 28 2018
c4e766b62e36Bo Bayles
Restore preset and test against what's documented 
Jan 28 2018
7af2e997d4f8Bo Bayles
It's true that compresslevel is ignored for other modes 
Jan 28 2018
f887f84d1cdfBo Bayles
Correct typo in test comment 
Jan 28 2018
fc2292b92790Bo Bayles
Clarify compresslevel defaults 
Jan 28 2018
9be9986fcf42Bo Bayles
Finish thought in doc 
Jan 28 2018
78682aeb9816Bo Bayles
Document the compresslevel fix 
Jan 28 2018
4632c50da50dBo Bayles
Make the taropen methods have matching signatures 
Jan 28 2018
6127dc8f411bBo Bayles
Add failing test for compresslevel 
Jan 28 2018