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Authored by Giampaolo Rodola <g.rodola@gmail.com> on Tue, Feb 12, 10:58 AM.
This commit has been deleted in the repository: it is no longer reachable from any branch, tag, or ref.

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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP8b9f3010d9ac: Merge 1931e7c3582f3c4e7fffba96276a5a5fd93dc07c into… (authored by Giampaolo Rodola <g.rodola@gmail.com>).Tue, Feb 12, 10:58 AM

Merged Changes

1931e7c3582fGiampaolo Rodola
use 'localhost' in tests (safer) 
Feb 11
2c3c85c1c4eaGiampaolo Rodola
update doc 
Feb 11
2d247a2d8b6eGiampaolo Rodola
various improvements: 
Feb 11
0a893ca35f4aGiampaolo Rodola
introduce supports_hybrid_ipv46 and relative bind_socket arg 
Feb 11
e003dfe82b21Giampaolo Rodola
document that AF_INET is preferred if host's family is unclear 
Feb 11
281b914c56c4Giampaolo Rodola
set flags arg to None by default 
Feb 11
4f28c4702eb4Giampaolo Rodola
change var name 
Feb 11
2e9e48c8a3c1Giampaolo Rodola
adjust doc wording 
Feb 11
fbdce4ea035bGiampaolo Rodola
fix test failures 
Feb 11
231455f150e7Giampaolo Rodola
unittest: check IPV6_V6ONLY is set by default 
Feb 8
e9fb489bcfb4Giampaolo Rodola
set IPV6_V6ONLY by default 
Feb 8
3e876c5bc5bbGiampaolo Rodola
raise ValueError if type is not SOCK_STREAM/DGRAM 
Feb 8
fb0e442f28f3Giampaolo Rodola
make family and type kw-only args 
Feb 8
b4883cbc96c5Giampaolo Rodola
rename method 
Feb 8
057d831a072cGiampaolo Rodola
add 'reuse_addr' arg 
Feb 8
e4063f2b12e0Giampaolo Rodola
add NEWS entry 
Feb 7
29b1d6965539Giampaolo Rodola
add comment 
Feb 7
17a6b7b83677Giampaolo Rodola
use bind_socket() in more unit-tests 
Feb 7
98324352d5e8Giampaolo Rodola
add 'flags' parameter 
Feb 7
cbaa3c129cebGiampaolo Rodola
set default backlog to 128; provide a more informative message if SO_REUSEPORT… 
Feb 7
6b3e6341189bGiampaolo Rodola
use bind_socket() in tests (reuse code) 
Feb 7
5618b21e09c1Giampaolo Rodola
make ftplib use bind_socket() (reuse code) 
Feb 7
ffa07b341636Giampaolo Rodola
add socket.bind_socket() function + tests 
Feb 7