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Authored by Zach Beniash <zbeniash@gmail.com> on Sat, Nov 9, 7:09 AM.
This commit has been deleted in the repository: it is no longer reachable from any branch, tag, or ref.

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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCP8d09acbf0c06: Merge c3d375132c05c97b6943458326250b6ef5dc7335 into… (authored by Zach Beniash <zbeniash@gmail.com>).Sat, Nov 9, 7:09 AM

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Adding news entry in Misc/NEWS.d/next/ for argparse library regarding type=bool… 
Jul 15
Replace the import of strtobool from distutils.util with local implementation… 
Jul 14
Make type bool support some string representations of truth 
Jul 10