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Authored by Mark Dickinson <mdickinson@enthought.com> on Thu, May 16, 11:13 AM.
This commit has been deleted in the repository: it is no longer reachable from any branch, tag, or ref.

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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCPc6785166d09e: Merge 11dec1eaf8f91560b9d4efe6bdf8aaafc64b0f99 into… (authored by Mark Dickinson <mdickinson@enthought.com>).Thu, May 16, 11:13 AM

Merged Changes

11dec1eaf8f9Mark Dickinson
Remove a redundant test. 
May 12
5f372ad4edffMark Dickinson
Tidy up imports. 
May 12
0a45fb85c28cMark Dickinson
Remove excessive whitespace. 
May 12
5b2f2bcadcf3Mark Dickinson
Extend three-argument pow to allow the second argument to be negative. 
May 12