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Authored by Steve (Gadget) Barnes <gadgetsteve@hotmail.com> on Sat, Nov 9, 7:12 AM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCPe2b195715d66: Merge 6e13f69311dfc5e19c8a712f4ca1130ebfa35c03 into… (authored by Steve (Gadget) Barnes <gadgetsteve@hotmail.com>).Sat, Nov 9, 7:12 AM

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6e13f69311dfSteve (Gadget) Barnes/GitHub
bpo-37556: Remove another asterisk 
Jul 11
fed52667b687Steve (Gadget) Barnes/GitHub
bpo-37556 Clarify PY_PYTHON2/3 
Jul 11
22fa61ec9cc1Steve (Gadget) Barnes/GitHub
bpo-37556 Address comments by Eryk Sun 
Jul 11
55799c62ce77Steve (Gadget) Barnes/GitHub
bpo-37556 Remove footnote marker 
Jul 11
📜🤖 Added by blurb_it. 
Jul 11
81f6fb8f4328Steve (Gadget) Barnes/GitHub
bpo-37556 Extend help to include latest overrides 
Jul 11