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Authored by mwilbz <mattwilber94@gmail.com> on Sat, Mar 16, 12:34 AM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCPeb5b05a68c22: Merge 511c14f2fe433d8ceb517e06f78f3ee6c66d0d06 into… (authored by mwilbz <mattwilber94@gmail.com>).Sat, Mar 16, 12:34 AM

Merged Changes

511c14f2fe43Matt Wilber
Avoid long lines 
Oct 25 2018
1c91dd20d759Matt Wilber
Add negative test case for abstract cached_property 
Oct 25 2018
db8dcd7fb48bMatt Wilber
Check for __isabstractmethod__ with try/except 
Oct 24 2018
16c0372c8e0bMatt Wilber
Only set __isabstractmethod__ if wrapapped func sets it 
Oct 24 2018
bfdc2499a620Matt Wilber
Add news entry 
Oct 15 2018
da3ec333a4a8Matt Wilber
bpo-34995: Maintain func.__isabstractmethod__ in functools.cached_property 
Oct 15 2018