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Authored by Ammar Askar <ammar_askar@hotmail.com> on Thu, Jun 13, 4:15 AM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rCPecdeb7bf8aa1: Merge 86cece89d5c6452a92004af0276147187034d41f into… (authored by Ammar Askar <ammar_askar@hotmail.com>).Thu, Jun 13, 4:15 AM

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86cece89d5c6Ammar Askar
Fix Linux availability version for SO_PEERSEC 
Aug 12 2017
32ee0de72ca7Ammar Askar
Fix simple issues found in code review 
Aug 12 2017
73cc260505ffAmmar Askar
bpo-12887: Document the availability and uses of the SO_ constants. bpo-14345… 
Aug 10 2017