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Merge branch 'master' into refactor_singleton_settingsbase

Authored by Ghostkeeper on Sep 13 2018, 7:39 AM.


Merge branch 'master' into refactor_singleton_settingsbase


Contributes to issue CURA-4410.

Merged Changes

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3b0e5ffd9d1bAleksei S
The Line infill pattern with enabled setting "Connect Infill Lines" had double… 
Sep 11 2018
9d9547815daeLipu Fei/GitHub
Merge pull request #841 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 11 2018
645de65f1ee4Diego Prado Gesto
Remove unused code. 
Sep 10 2018
f8cd0588adeaDiego Prado Gesto
Simplify calculation of start position when layers are negative. 
Sep 10 2018
d4957ca1c01eLipu Fei
Take into account negative layers for prime tower start locations 
Sep 7 2018
1e5bf956e78dLipu Fei
Fix code style 
Sep 7 2018
9e35663bcb71Lipu Fei
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into CURA… 
Sep 7 2018
13c9439209b8Lipu Fei
Simplify generateStartLocations by starting from point index 0 
Sep 7 2018
bbdeb43513c1 Ghostkeeper
Some code style fixes 
Sep 6 2018
8541c59d0e07Lipu Fei
Spread start locations on prime tower to avoid Z-seam blob 
Sep 6 2018
2eb9528eeba4Remco Burema/GitHub
Merge pull request #814 from smartavionics/mb-improve-overhanging-walls 
Sep 5 2018
f8fb45cc95cdLipu Fei/GitHub
Merge pull request #840 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 5 2018
488fc5e232e3Remco Burema
Added comment. 
Sep 5 2018
75f8be26a594Lipu Fei
Make download Stb optional 
Sep 5 2018
3ed100f9f6b3Lipu Fei
Use stb instead of Stb 
Sep 5 2018
4dade47445e6Lipu Fei
Fix Stb include path 
Sep 5 2018
d282db490bfbLipu Fei
Skip downloading Stb if present 
Sep 5 2018
784335576e03Remco Burema
Slightly cleaned up last commit. 
Sep 4 2018
36d64439ad91Remco Burema
[CURA-5674] Re-introduce forgotten(?) distance check. 
Sep 4 2018
843464c28c37Diego Prado Gesto
Merge branch 'CURA-5672_insets_as_concentric_infill_prime_tower_layer0' 
Sep 4 2018
92025f49c765Diego Prado Gesto
Remove unused variable. 
Sep 4 2018
f77ec6e95976Diego Prado Gesto
Merge branch 'master' into CURA-5672_insets_as_concentric_infill_prime_tower_la… 
Sep 4 2018
1ff3571f22c0Diego Prado Gesto
Revert "Revert "Use insets as infill for prime tower on the first layer"" 
Sep 4 2018
54afd79c53fbDiego Prado Gesto
Revert "Do not connect polygons in the first layer of the prime tower." 
Sep 4 2018
8b0cdf2050a5Diego Prado Gesto
Remove leftovers. 
Sep 4 2018
204a2b9c27d9 Ghostkeeper
Code style and constness 
Sep 3 2018
2dd3b76364f5Diego Prado Gesto/GitHub
Merge pull request #838 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 3 2018
317e3a9fc606Diego Prado Gesto
Do not connect polygons in the first layer of the prime tower. 
Sep 3 2018
8b7271c4943fDiego Prado Gesto
Revert "Use insets as infill for prime tower on the first layer" 
Sep 3 2018
a0c05d0b1da3Lipu Fei
Use insets as infill for prime tower on the first layer 
Sep 3 2018
9ff202dad282 Ghostkeeper
Improve documentation on parts 
Sep 1 2018
e73e5ffcb249 Ghostkeeper
Fix links from the main page 
Sep 1 2018
316a97b7511d Ghostkeeper
Add more glossary terms from the wiki 
Sep 1 2018
d8f85100f00f Ghostkeeper
Remove paragraphs that don't explain concepts 
Sep 1 2018
07e8fba308ff Ghostkeeper
Change overview page into concepts page 
Sep 1 2018
cf9d7bab5fe9 Ghostkeeper
Remove pipeline documentation 
Sep 1 2018
412713768446 Ghostkeeper
Remove outdated information about code structure 
Sep 1 2018
662b13e4e842 Ghostkeeper
Add one-line explanation per chapter 
Sep 1 2018
65684b18ad7c Ghostkeeper
Add link to pipeline 
Sep 1 2018
0ca00c60f07b Ghostkeeper
Add chapter about exporting to g-code 
Sep 1 2018
d4ff8dcc81b0 Ghostkeeper
Document inserting of pre-heat commands 
Sep 1 2018
b7bedaf7be3a Ghostkeeper
Link to new inserts page 
Sep 1 2018
8fd15020c434 Ghostkeeper
Write documentation about temperature regulation 
Sep 1 2018
23ce58e1499aMark Burton
Change for(;;) into while(true). 
Aug 31 2018
d123a9f4a031Mark Burton
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mb-improve-overhanging-walls 
Aug 31 2018
Merge pull request #819 from fieldOfView/feature_support_infill_angle 
Aug 31 2018
da6f2f50af6d Ghostkeeper
Merge branch 'fix_mesh_surface' 
Aug 31 2018
e8ffbc8d6664 Ghostkeeper
Cool down heated beds at end of the print 
Aug 30 2018
Parse support_infill_angle as degrees, not radians 
Aug 29 2018
Merge branch 'master' into feature_support_infill_angle 
Aug 29 2018