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Merge branch 'master' into refactor_singleton_settingsbase

Authored by Ghostkeeper on Sep 24 2018, 9:16 AM.


Merge branch 'master' into refactor_singleton_settingsbase

src/FffGcodeWriter.cpp - Some nastiness with the start g-code vs. initial layer temperature. I've held master's code and transformed it to get the settings from the right place.
src/skin.cpp - Settings getting location that was already fixed in this branch as well.

Contributes to issue CURA-4410.

Merged Changes

ddc0ba67bce0Diego Prado Gesto
Don't avoid other parts if they are close together. 
Sep 21 2018
Merge branch '3.5' of github.com:Ultimaker/CuraEngine 
Sep 21 2018
eb210d26a8e5 Ghostkeeper
Remove warning about PolygonProximityLinker 
Sep 20 2018
4f10b326431dLipu Fei/GitHub
Merge pull request #854 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 19 2018
8a338297a089Lipu Fei/GitHub
Merge pull request #855 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 19 2018
27be350caa65Lipu Fei/GitHub
Merge branch '3.5' into CURA-5709_disabled_2nd_extruder_primeblob_prints_in_air 
Sep 19 2018
205a920577d0Lipu Fei/GitHub
Merge pull request #853 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 19 2018
2d09cd0ebd21Remco Burema
Make first T0 command not switch places with other command(s) in Griffin… 
Sep 19 2018
61be11987d0cLipu Fei
Fix typo in comments 
Sep 19 2018
2c10e4c05a3fRemco Burema
[CURA-5722] Add temperature commands before all groups when print-sequence is… 
Sep 19 2018
9214a6db4b3bTim Kuipers/GitHub
Sep 18 2018
6237e5f0fcb3Tim Kuipers/GitHub
Fix infill bcombine for high density infill 
Sep 18 2018
e7fb2245ebdfDiego Prado Gesto
Merge branch '3.5' 
Sep 18 2018
72518c2d3cf0Remco Burema
Remove an incorrect comment I made earlier. 
Sep 18 2018
dc9a4e74780fRemco Burema
Forgot to convert micrometers to millimeters. 
Sep 18 2018
b06226b35844Remco Burema
[CURA-5709] Added gcode line after 'fake extrusion' to correct height in case… 
Sep 18 2018
9b1e9dd2a845Aleksei S
The Line infill pattern with enabled setting "Connect Infill Lines" had double… 
Sep 11 2018
611cbf96b091Lipu Fei/GitHub
Merge pull request #845 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 11 2018
06dc32c224edRemco Burema
[CURA-5699] Reduce print-time on spring-model to normal while retaining 'move… 
Sep 7 2018