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Merge branch '3.5'

Authored by Diego Prado Gesto <d.pradogesto@ultimaker.com> on Sep 18 2018, 9:22 AM.


Merge branch '3.5'

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Diego Prado Gesto <d.pradogesto@ultimaker.com> committed rCTEe7fb2245ebdf: Merge branch '3.5' (authored by Diego Prado Gesto <d.pradogesto@ultimaker.com>).Sep 18 2018, 9:22 AM

Merged Changes

9b1e9dd2a845Aleksei S
The Line infill pattern with enabled setting "Connect Infill Lines" had double… 
Sep 11 2018
611cbf96b091Lipu Fei/GitHub
Merge pull request #845 from Ultimaker/CURA… 
Sep 11 2018
06dc32c224edRemco Burema
[CURA-5699] Reduce print-time on spring-model to normal while retaining 'move… 
Sep 7 2018