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pinsDebug with more features, uses less RAM

Authored by thinkyhead on Mar 20 2017, 5:10 AM.


pinsDebug with more features, uses less RAM

I've just uploaded a major change to pinsDebug.
The big change was creating an array in FLASH that contained every
active pin definition. That reduced the RAM memory usage considerably
but increased the FLASH usage.
Creating the array requires going through the pin list twice. Rather
than having two copies of it in the code I moved the list out to another
file (pinsDebug_list.h) and then just did two #includes.
From the user’s view they’ll see the following changes:

  1. Now reports all the names assigned to a pin
  2. The port is now reported in addition to the pin number.
  3. When PWM0A & PWM1C share a pin, both PWMs are reported
  4. More PWM/Timer info is reported

One new item that may cause some concern is the usage of the LINE
predefined preprocessor macro. It may not be available if the Arduino
IDE goes to a different compiler.

Includes support for 1284 & 1286 families.

Memory usage changes when enabling PINS_DEBUGGING:
. without 52576
. with new 64592
. with old 62826
. new-out 12016
. old-out 10250
. new-old 1766
. without 2807
. with new 2875
. with old 3545
. new-out 68
. old-out 738
. new-old -670

minor changes - mostly formatting

  1. added newline to end of teensyduino file
  1. changed flag name from TEENSYDUINO to TEENSYDUINO_IDE. Got warnings

about redefining TEENSYDUINO

  1. removed some trailing spaces

reduce PROGMEM size & update pin list

Reduced PROGMEM usage by

  1. converting often used macro to a function
  2. moved as much as possible into the function

This required creating two arrays of address pointers for the PWM

update with new M3, M4, M5 pin names

report I/O status for unused/unknown pins


Bob-the-Kuhn <bob.kuhn@att.net>Apr 6 2017, 1:46 PM
alexeiJul 12 2017, 5:04 PM
rMARLIN7dfe2cc13251: Merge pull request #6254 from thinkyhead/rc_ubl_rename

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