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Authored by Andrew Nelson <andyfaff@gmail.com> on Sat, Nov 9, 6:53 AM.
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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rSP6f5f68004e47: Merge 9b48691234ca32ca4bfd92fd8b1922fdb0354a13 into… (authored by Andrew Nelson <andyfaff@gmail.com>).Sat, Nov 9, 6:53 AM

Merged Changes

9b48691234caAndrew Nelson
DOC: _prepare_scalar_function 
Sep 3
8bcad75759e2Andrew Nelson
MAINT: increase ScalarFunction.njev with finite differences 
Sep 3
8ee2f0b69ba0Andrew Nelson
MAINT: trust-* uses ScalarFunction 
Sep 2
674bb8a57af4Andrew Nelson
MAINT: approx_jacobian relies on approx_derivative 
Sep 2
e45bdeb659faAndrew Nelson
MAINT: slsqp cjac approx_derivative 
Sep 2
07d7e11127e0Andrew Nelson
MAINT: approx_hess_p, swap eval order. ScalarFunction cache in NewtonCG may… 
Sep 2
9329299fad46Andrew Nelson
ENH: NewtonCG uses ScalarFunction 
Sep 2
6323d4b4f59fAndrew Nelson
DOC: clean up jac docstring 
Sep 2
f19e40e02a3cAndrew Nelson
TST: fix lbfgsb trace 
Sep 2
db98fddcbcc6Andrew Nelson
MAINT: _prepare_scalar_function. minimizer methods call this to get a… 
Aug 31
86f4e384b066Andrew Nelson
ENH: approx_derivative transition 
Aug 31