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You can find all developmental builds HERE. The internal builds have yet to go through our smoke test procedure. Some or all features may not be functioning properly. YMMV

Cura 3.2.32 - RC

  • Firmware update to
    • Enabled Keep Host Alive to help with octoprint communication T4356
    • Removed pause in re-wipe (introduced in
  • Fixed pre-heat temperatures for Alloy 910, NinjaFlex, Bridge, HTPLA, PC-ABS, PCTPE, nVent T4431
  • Added TAZ 5 Dual v2 Profiles T4431 T3247
    • Fixed typo in start gcode preventing heating T4445
  • Final Banded/Dingy Profiles T4468 T4447 T4443

Cura 3.2.31 - Internal Release

  • Fixed wrong libssl version for Debian package dependency T4341

Cura 3.2.30 - Internal Release

  • Marlin Firmware to
    • Changed acceleration to 1000 for Mini 1/2
    • Testing new re-wipe functionality
  • Updated Banded, Dingy, Cecropia, Achemon customer facing names T3750
  • Profile updates for banded, dingy T3905 T3793 T3846 T4153 T4154

Cura 3.2.29 - Internal Release

  • Improved USB serial communication to prevent pausing T3157
  • Alloy 910 temperatures increased to 255 T3629
  • Fixed spacing with new machine addition mechanics T3547
  • Added Quiver for initial testing T1868

Cura 3.2.28 - Internal Release

  • TAZ 5 Achemon Added T3661
  • Mini 1 Achemon Added T3658
  • TAZ 6 Banded Tiger Added T3663
  • TAZ 6 Dingy Cutworm Added T3664
  • Mini 1 Dingy Cutworm Added T3676
  • Mini 1 Banded Tiger Addition T3674
  • Cecropia Added to TAZ 5/6, Mini 1 T3672 T3659 T3662 T3660
  • Marlin Firmware to
  • Moved print complete message to last line of end gcode T3678

Cura 3.2.27 - Stable Release

  • New machine and tool head selection menu for LulzBot 3D printers
  • Made it easier to share custom materials and custom profiles based on those materials
  • Added LulzBot Mini 2 Aerostruder Micro (0.25mm nozzle) tool head
  • Added experimental Banded Tiger and Dingy Cutworm tool heads
  • Added LulzBot Mini 2 Aerostruder Micro tool head profiles
  • Organized Twool Head profiles and naming
  • Added experimental filament profiles for Banded Tiger and Dingy Cutworm tool heads
  • All LulzBot 3D printers and tool heads updated to Marlin firmware. This is a major firmware update that fixes numerous issues found in 1.1.8. Please report any issues on the Marlin project work board
  • Fixed issue that duplicates model when loading T3049
  • Corrected build volume for V2 dual extruders T2960
  • Fixed small increment rotation bug T3240
  • Fixed wipe nozzle button for TAZ 6 T3148

Cura 3.2.24 - Experimental (internal)

  • Fixed small increment rotation bug T3240
  • Added Banded Tiger and Dingy Cutworm for initial testing T3332
  • Updated Achemon Profiles T3224
  • Lowered extrusion rate for achemon T3258
  • Updated Achemon name T3367

Cura 3.2.24 - Experimental (internal)

  • Made it easier to share custom materials and custom profiles based on those materials T2510
  • Fixed issue that duplicates model when loading T3049
  • Updated Achemon profiles for further testing T3190 T3241
  • Added FW for Achemon T3155
  • Updated marlin to for all printers
  • Fixed build volume for V2 dual extruders T2960
  • Cleaned up Twool Head profiles and naming T2845

Cura 3.2.23 - Stable Release

  • Activated Z backlash compensation by default for all Mini 2 machines T3047
  • Added all solid materials to V2 Flexy Dualies (TAZ 5 and TAZ 6). These have not been tested, but should be a good starting point. They will be in "experimental" category. T3063
  • Corrected grammar in FW update warning T2937
  • Updated user agreement T2089
  • Homoginized menu capitalization T2186
  • Added Mini 2 Achemon profiles T2634
  • Fixed TAZ 6 Matterhacker PRO Profiles T3116
  • Fixed control window size on MAC T3050
  • Updated FW to for all machines (License update)

Cura 3.2.22 - Experimental (internal)

  • Added Mini 2 Achemon and initial profiles/materials for testing T2941
  • Fixed location of post processing scripts button when activated T2868
  • Improved Mini 2 Polyflex Profiles T2949
  • Standardized Profile Names T2173
  • Fixed start purging issue on V3 Dual Extruder E2 T2124
  • Updated adhesion tool tip to include skirt T1057
  • Improved Pause at Layer Plugin T2867 (Big thanks to b-morgan)
  • Added Z backlash fade settings T2662
  • Default profiles now duplicated when duplicating a material T1706
  • Added "bottom" view quick button T2187
  • Fixed TAZ 6 start gcode, missing extruder initial layer temperature T2645
  • Fixed positioning issue that caused models to move when selecting outside "move" T1969

Cura 3.2.21 - Stable Release

  • Fixed tool tip location for material T2539
  • Turned off Z Hop for Mini 2 T2549
  • Fixed Octoprint Plugin T2503 (Big thanks to fieldOfView)
  • Update all Firmware to

Cura 3.2.20 - Experimental (internal)

  • Added profile filtering for selected material T2435
  • Update Firmware to for all printers
  • Fixed importing custom profiles for custom materials T2510

Cura 3.2.19 - Experimental (internal)

  • Fixed profile version for TAZ 5 Moarstruder T2406
  • Update Hibiscus to Mini 2 T2394
  • Fixed logic on control check, and fix binding loop T1273
  • Enabled LCD timer when printing through USB T2433
  • Fixed global quality profile set T2435
  • Update all firmware to Marlin

Cura 3.2.18 - Beta Release - 4/23/18

  • Added MatterHackers Pro and Build filaments and profiles for TAZ 6 and Mini T2346
  • Fixed Loading gcode failure for TAZ 6 T2327
  • Fixed crash when updating custom material density T2360
  • Allow Cura to set progress bar in LCD screen T2367
  • Update all firmware to Marlin
  • Fixed duplication issue when updating material cost T1749

Cura 3.2.17 - Experimental (internal)

  • Predefined commands accessible with console open T2193
  • Added Community Developed TAZ 6 Twool Head T1617
  • Removed superfluous warning symbol T2178
  • Added warning when missing gcode or stl file on build platform T2230
  • Fixed USB Communication Issue causing brief pausing during prints T2345

Cura 3.2.16 - Experimental (internal)

  • Fixed selectable baud rate and port T2233
  • Changed default currency to US$ T2227
  • Updated retraction settings on HTPLA T2262
  • Updated Hibiscus high detail bridge printing temp T1824
  • Added notification when no model or gcode is loaded T2230
  • Fixed Hibiscus default firmware check T2256
  • Fixed Hibiscus default material T2195

Cura 3.2.15 - Experimental (internal)

  • Added scroll bars for machine settings T2018
  • Updated about screen licensing T1327
  • Fixed fan speed on Verbatim PLA Flexydually v2 profile T721
  • Fixed buttons on manage printer screen T2163
  • Fixed initial temperatures in dual extruder start gcode T2070

Cura 3.2.14 - Experimental (internal)

  • Added flexible quality profiles for hibiscus T2135
  • Fixed re-load all models T2132
  • Added default quality setting when selecting different materials T2066
  • Classified supported profiles for v3 dual extruder T2097
  • Added baud rate selection in Machine Settings T2139
  • Fixed start gcode missing hot end variable temp for dual extruders T2070
  • Added scroll bar for Machine Selection T2018

Cura 3.2.13 - Experimental (internal)

  • FW updated to - GLCD edits, x-level added to hibiscus
  • Update to hibiscus start gcode for initial bed temp T2133

Cura 3.2.12 - Experimental (internal)

  • Marlin FW - GLCD edits, new hibiscus screen
  • Fixed display issue in drop down bar (low resolution monitors)
  • Made improvement to USB reliability

Cura 3.2.11 Alpha Release 3/20/18

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