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Cura 3.2.21 - RC

  • Fixed tool tip location for material T2539
  • Turned off Z Hop for Mini 2 T2549
  • Fixed Octoprint Plugin T2503 (Big thanks to fieldOfView)
  • Update all Firmware to

Cura 3.2.20 - Experimental (internal)

  • Added profile filtering for selected material T2435
  • Update Firmware to for all printers
  • Fixed importing custom profiles for custom materials T2510

Cura 3.2.19 - Experimental (internal)

  • Fixed profile version for TAZ 5 Moarstruder T2406
  • Update Hibiscus to Mini 2 T2394
  • Fixed logic on control check, and fix binding loop T1273
  • Enabled LCD timer when printing through USB T2433
  • Fixed global quality profile set T2435
  • Update all firmware to Marlin

Cura 3.2.18 - Beta Release - 4/23/18

  • Added MatterHackers Pro and Build filaments and profiles for TAZ 6 and Mini T2346
  • Fixed Loading gcode failure for TAZ 6 T2327
  • Fixed crash when updating custom material density T2360
  • Allow Cura to set progress bar in LCD screen T2367
  • Update all firmware to Marlin
  • Fixed duplication issue when updating material cost T1749

Cura 3.2.17 - Experimental (internal)

  • Predefined commands accessible with console open T2193
  • Added Community Developed TAZ 6 Twool Head T1617
  • Removed superfluous warning symbol T2178
  • Added warning when missing gcode or stl file on build platform T2230
  • Fixed USB Communication Issue causing brief pausing during prints T2345

Cura 3.2.16 - Experimental (internal)

  • Fixed selectable baud rate and port T2233
  • Changed default currency to US$ T2227
  • Updated retraction settings on HTPLA T2262
  • Updated Hibiscus high detail bridge printing temp T1824
  • Added notification when no model or gcode is loaded T2230
  • Fixed Hibiscus default firmware check T2256
  • Fixed Hibiscus default material T2195

Cura 3.2.15 - Experimental (internal)

  • Added scroll bars for machine settings T2018
  • Updated about screen licensing T1327
  • Fixed fan speed on Verbatim PLA Flexydually v2 profile T721
  • Fixed buttons on manage printer screen T2163
  • Fixed initial temperatures in dual extruder start gcode T2070

Cura 3.2.14 - Experimental (internal)

  • Added flexible quality profiles for hibiscus T2135
  • Fixed re-load all models T2132
  • Added default quality setting when selecting different materials T2066
  • Classified supported profiles for v3 dual extruder T2097
  • Added baud rate selection in Machine Settings T2139
  • Fixed start gcode missing hot end variable temp for dual extruders T2070
  • Added scroll bar for Machine Selection T2018

Cura 3.2.13 - Experimental (internal)

  • FW updated to - GLCD edits, x-level added to hibiscus
  • Update to hibiscus start gcode for initial bed temp T2133

Cura 3.2.12 - Experimental (internal)

  • Marlin FW - GLCD edits, new hibiscus screen
  • Fixed display issue in drop down bar (low resolution monitors)
  • Made improvement to USB reliability

Cura 3.2.11 Alpha Release 3/20/18

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