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Feature Comparison
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Legacy Cura


Used by LulzBot as the primary slicing and printing host software since February 2015.

You may have seen it referred to by these other names: Daid's Cura, Cura Original, Cura 15.xx, & WxGTK Cura.

Cura 2


New generation of 3D printing software which was re-written and overhauled by Ultimaker. Utilizes modern technologies such as Qt for its user interface and cmake for packaging. Significant redesign has allowed for better modularity and long term maintenance. LulzBot is in progress of converting over to this application, currently in ALPHA.

You may have seen it referred to by these other names: Qt Cura & New Cura.

What it is missing compared to Legacy

In software speak these are called "regressions". Such missing features will be fixed in time, but have not been completed yet.

USB printing

Currently, this feature could be described as bare-bones to non-existent. This is actively being worked on. Until this work is completed use the older generation of Cura like so:

  • Slice your model using Cura 2
  • Save the G-code to a file
  • Open the G-code file with Legacy Cura
  • Click control button
  • Run the USB print like normal

Material/Quality profiles for LulzBot printers

  • Currently only one material (Polylite PLA) has been converted into the new system
  • Large amounts of data conversion, surgery and testing is needed
  • With the many new slicing settings it should be possible to improve print quality more than Legacy Cura was ever capable of. However, this will take significant time...

Pre-configured tool heads for LulzBot printers

  • It is currently not simple to configure usage of non-standard tool heads such as MOAR/Flexy/Dual/Flexydual

New features

  • Many new slicing settings
    • Configurable interface layer between support and the model
    • Z-seam alignment (Back/Shortest/Random)
    • Infill and support patterns
      • Lines and Grid (same as in Legacy Cura)
      • Concentric
      • Cubic
      • Tetrahedral
      • Triangles
      • Zig-Zag
    • Lots of others not mentioned here...
  • New preference settings which can be enabled/disabled
    • Automatic re-scale objects which are too small or large
    • Keep models on the build surface
  • Completely reworked system for dual extrusion
  • Per-model settings
    • In a single print job, individually control settings between multiple models
  • Undo and redo
  • Select and group multiple objects
  • Overhauled G-code renderer
    • Display the output from many other slicing applications (including Slic3r)
  • Run side-by-side with Legacy Cura
  • Integrated material and profile management system
    • All settings consolidated into a single collapsible panel
    • Version control your changes
    • Hide settings which you never use
  • Improved learn-ability of settings
    • Easier to understand the usage of individual settings
    • Clearer interaction between settings
    • Better feedback when settings are outside recommended or dangerous ranges
  • Updated interfacing between input and output systems. Support for newer:
    • Operating systems
    • Computer hardware
    • File formats (X3D/3MF)
  • More features coming all the time ;)
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