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These instructions are written for use on Debian Jessie. Other Linux distros may find it useful too.

  • Install necessary software
    • These packages are needed to do the recording and convert between file formats
    • Run this command in the terminal: sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop libav-tools
  • Launch it through Applications Menu -> Multimedia -> RecordMyDesktop
  • Select what to record:
    • To record single application use "Select Window"
    • To record a certain region drag across the desktop previewer
    • To record entire workspace you don't need to do anything special
  • Click record
  • Do the thing that you want to record
  • To stop the recording:
    • In the main Debian toolbar panel (next to sound or notifications) there should be a new grey square icon, left click on it
  • Wait for recording to be saved into a temporary location
  • Save the recording to an appropriate place
    • Click "Save As"
    • leave the extension as the default (.ogv)
  • Watch the output video to verify you recorded what you wanted
  • Convert to a .GIF - this provides interoperability benefits (when posting online) at the cost of increased file size
  • Launch a terminal in the directory where the output file is saved
  • Run the below command. You must replace the file names with what you actually want to use
  • avconv -i input-file-name.ogv output-file-name.gif
  • Post your file all over the internet!
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